Can You Put Knit Sweaters In The Washing Machine?


Yes, you can put your knit sweaters in the washing machine. It’ll give you a clean and fresh-looking sweater. As long as the thread and color is strong, you don’t have to worry. You probably would not think that knit sweaters can’t be put into the washing machine because it may not dry quickly. But […]

Can I Wash Different Colored Shirts Together?

wash shirt

Do I really have to wash my Colored shirts when I wash my white shirts? The obvious answer is it depends on how much you will be washing and where you live. But that’s now good enough. For example, if you live in a place with cold winters and very hot summers, then you should […]

Do You Use Detergent When Washing Towels?

detergent for towels

So do you use detergent when washing towels? You may use mild detergents when washing your towels. You don’t want the colors to run off or fade your towels with harsh detergents. Detergent is one of the biggest reasons why many people struggle when it comes to cleaning up their towels and homes in general. […]

Can You Wash Hoodies With Other Clothes?


Can you wash hoodies with other clothes? This is a common question among people who want to keep the look of their old hoodies and find a new one for the seasons. It’s safe to wash your hoodies with other clothes. There are many ways to get your hoodies washed. You should know what fabric […]

How To Wash Sherpa Blanket (A Simple Guide)

wash blanket

Do you have a Sherpa fleece blanket and desires to care for it? Whether you’re looking for a new camping gear to enjoy your next camping trip or you’re trying to find the perfect gift for a friend, you can look at how to wash Sherpa blankets and travel pillows for comfort and convenience. A […]

Can You Dry Clean Suede Purse? (The Simple Guide)

suede purse

Keeping your clothing, purse, and even shoes clean is important. More so, proper care is the ONLY way to extend their lifespan. When it comes to suede purses, which are beautiful by the way, but how do you ensure they’re not ruined by stains or harsh conditions. So, can you dry clean suede purse? The […]