Can You Wash Towels With Baking Soda? How-to Guide


“Can I wash my towels with baking soda?”  If this question has constantly been popping on your mind, I’m glad to tell you that you can definitely wash your towels with baking soda and this post will guide you on how to achieve that. You can wash your towels with baking soda to bring out […]

Can You Machine Wash Yarn? (Read This First)


While you may machine-wash your clothing knitted with yarn, such as crochet blankets, sweaters, etc., you should not machine wash the yarn itself.   Perhaps, you’ve received a crochet piece as a gift or you bought one from a local second-hand chain store, hand-washing is the best way to get your crochet fabric cleaned.  Although hand […]

What Do Americans Call Clothes Pegs?


Clothespin (US English) I have not seen any pegs but clothespin in the United States, Canada, or England. The fastener was invented in Germany by Josef Jochter in the 19th century. I am told that Josef Jochter is the founder of the pin. The name was taken from a German word, “Piket”, which means to […]

Are Laundry Pods Bad For The Washer? (Read This First)


Laundry Pods are not bad for the washing machine. Laundry pods are essential for washing lots of laundry — keeping it clean, hygienic, and convenient. Washing machines and laundry pods have been a hot commodity in the market recently. It has become apparent that people prefer to purchase this kind of machine to ensure that […]

Can You Iron Your Mattress? Read This First


Is it ideal to iron your mattress? Why would you want to iron your mattress when the material used doesn’t support such? If you want to clean your mattress, there is no need to use iron. It’s not only a No but also a dangerous thing to do. So, can you iron your mattress? No, […]

Can Dry Cleaning Cause Stains? (How-to Guide)

dry cleaning

Does dry cleaning really cause stains? The answer is No. Dry cleaning doesn’t cause stains nor damage to your clothes, carpets, etc. However, if you use harsh detergents and the wrong settings in the washer, dry cleaning can actually leave a residue that will actually stain it. It seems like dry cleaning is an excellent […]