7 Oxiclean Alternative Washing Solutions

If you’re wondering if an Oxiclean Alternative is worth the money, keep reading.

The alternative can work just as well as the brand-name product. Borax is the best-known alternative.

Then there’s Oxygen8 Concentrate. The best part about Oxyclean Alternative? It’s available at your local drugstore for a fraction of the price.

And it’s all-natural! Plus, it’s great for your skin!


The safety of borax is a subject of controversy. While it is a natural product, its high alkalinity can irritate skin. The product should be stored in a secure area out of the reach of children.

The chemical can also be hazardous if swallowed, so you should use the proper precautions when handling it. If you are concerned about toxicity, check with your health professional.

Borax, which comes in a powdered form, is widely used in household cleaning products and commercial laundry detergents. Its main source is a lake basin in the Death Valley.

This substance is similar to boric acid, which is a pesticide that interferes with our nervous and digestive systems.

Borax has been used in cosmetics for over 100 years, as a laundry detergent, and as a pesticide in pesticides. Borax substitutes are available in many forms, such as a homemade flubber or a natural alternative.

In laundry, borax is a good alternative to OxiClean. You can use a tablespoon of borax in every gallon of water. Borax does not cause skin damage, but it tends to settle. In addition, you should avoid using Borax on delicate surfaces, as it tends to crystallize when exposed to moisture.

Additionally, the borax used in cleaning laundry detergent will be less effective on delicate or highly porous surfaces.

Shout Oxy Power (TM)

Among consumer oxygen bleaches, Shout Oxy Power (TM) is the new kid on the block. With 75% sodium percarbonate, Oxy Power should be an excellent alternative to Oxiclean, All-Oxi-active, and Clorox Oxygen Action.

In the end, Oxy Power should triumph in the name brand oxygen bleach wars. Here’s what you should look for in Oxy Power:

Both OxiClean and Shout have their advantages and disadvantages. OxiClean has a wider range of stain-removal products, whereas Shout has a much more narrow product line focused on spot-treating minor stains.

In fact, the Advanced Trigger Action Gel contains 70% more stain fighting power and comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle.

Natural Choices markets OxyBoost. The company’s web site is designed to help consumers solve common cleaning problems. There are forums on stain-removal, links to cleaning experts, and an easy-to-use search engine.

While Natural Choices Oxy-Boost is the best oxygen bleach available in the market, it is more expensive than Oxy-Boost, which is the most common alternative to Shout Oxy Power.


While Oxiclean is the most popular oxygen bleach product, Oxygen8 is a new entrant on the consumer market.

Both contain a high percentage of sodium percarbonate and have similar packaging, lettering, and pricing.

While these products are aimed at the same target audience, Oxygen8 does not compare to Oxiclean in terms of efficacy. For instance, Oxygen8 does not contain 50 percent oxygen bleach, which makes it an inferior choice for many consumers.

There are several brands of oxygen bleach, including Oxiclean, OXY-BOOST, CLOROX OXYGEN ACTION, and AJAX. Oxygen bleach has been proven to improve the appearance of concrete, stone, and wood.

Oxygen8 also has a broad range of applications, including deck and siding cleaners, pool cleaning, and other applications. However, there are some key differences between Oxiclean and Oxygen8.

Although OxiClean is known for its strong bleaching power, hydrogen peroxide can be a more effective alternative. It is safe to use on a variety of surfaces, including upholstery and delicate linens.

It is also more affordable than other oxygen-based cleaning products.

It is also more effective in cleaning tough stains than many other environmentally friendly products. Oxygen bleach also breaks down to produce natural soda ash and borax.

Oxygen8 Concentrate

There are a few different brands of oxygen bleach on the market. Oxiclean is a popular alternative, but you may be wondering which product is the best for your needs. While Oxiclean contains active oxygen bleach, Oxygen8 Concentrate contains 99.6% pure oxygen.

Sodium percarbonate, or BKF, is a better choice for most jobs. Sodium percarbonate is a cheaper, more environmentally friendly alternative than Oxiclean.

While Oxiclean is the most widely advertised oxygen bleach product, Oxygen8 is quickly fading from the market. Oxygen8 is a product marketed by Medallion Products via QVC and aimed at consumers who want an alternative to Oxiclean. This product contains 50 to 60 percent oxygen bleach and can be purchased online from the QVC website. Unfortunately, customer support is lacking and technical support is nonexistent.

A few brands of oxygen bleach are available online. OxyBoost, for example, is marketed by Natural Choices. Their web site is designed to answer common cleaning questions. It has stain removal forums, cleaning tips, and a search engine. The company’s oxygen bleach is one of the highest quality on the market, with 80-90% sodium percarbonate. It is also safe to use in hot or lukewarm water, although you should never mix it with any other type of cleaning products.

Oxygen8 Stain Solver

There are many different kinds of bleaching solutions available on the market, but Oxiclean is the most popular and best known. It is sold in various forms, including in kits, on TV infomercials, and through catalogs and magazines. It contains a high percentage of sodium percarbonate and active oxygen bleach. But is it the best product to use for stain removal? Here are some things to consider when deciding between Oxiclean and Oxygen8 Stain Solver.

In addition to being a great alternative to oxiclean, Oxygen8 Stain Solver has some other benefits that you might want to consider. Unlike Oxyclean, Oxygen8 contains 50-60% kislorodnygo otbelivatelia. It can also be purchased on QVC. As far as how it works, Oxygen8 is a better alternative to oxiclean.

The product is more affordable than the expensive oxiclean, so it’s worth checking out. You can purchase Oxygen8 Stain Solver online. It comes in a variety of convenient sizes that can be easily carried around. For easy application, simply spray it on the stain and leave it to dry. Afterward, rinse the area thoroughly with water. Then, repeat the process.


When it comes to cleaning your dishes, Ajax is a great option. This low-sudsing liquid detergent does a great job without leaving a plethora of bubbles or foam. The formula quickly covers grease and dirt, without creating an endless stream of suds. Ajax also works well on front-loading machines. Its fragrance is fresh but does not linger. As a bonus, Ajax does not cause your clothes to smell like chlorine.


You can’t afford to use oxiclean on your laundry, so you’ve turned to OxyBoost, an environmentally friendly product that can remove tough stains without damaging your fabrics. You can use OxyBoost on any fabric, including shirts, jeans, and carpets. It can also be used in the bathroom to remove soap scum. It also works well on ceramic tile, concrete, and carpet.

The company behind OxyBoost is Natural Choices. Its web site is dedicated to answering all of your cleaning needs. It contains stain removal forums, cleaning experts, and a search engine.

OxyBoost is made from a natural formula that contains no optical brighteners or fragrances. It also works on all types of materials, including carpet and upholstery.

It’s safe for all colors and temperatures and can be used in both standard and HE machines.

OxiClean Alternative: Conclusion

When compared to other oxygen bleaching products, OxyBoost is the most environmentally friendly.

It uses 100% active ingredients and significantly higher oxygen bleach than Oxiclean and Oxygen8.

Unlike other oxygen bleaching products, OxyBoost uses only domestically-grown, highest-quality raw materials.

Its chemical formula is based on sodium carbonate, a naturally occurring mineral that does not harm fabrics.