How to Know Original Philips Iron (Don’t Buy Fake!)

Yes, there are fake Philips irons? But I want to show you how to know original Philips iron — so you don’t end up buying fake!

Philips is a popular brand that most households prefer for electrical appliances.

No wonder, there are lots of fake copies of Philips’ products to rip off unsuspecting buyers.

So, how do you know original Philips iron?

Take advantage of Philips’ “Buy Original” campaign, choose the best Philips iron, and avoid cheap Philips iron, these are the most effective ways to know original Philips iron.

Philips is Trusted

Almost every household needs an iron and Philips is one of the best iron brands to consider.

However, considering the proliferation of fake Philips iron in the market, it may be very difficult if not impossible for buyers to differentiate original Philips iron from the fake ones. 

For instance, it was reported that in 2011, over 80% of Philips products (including irons) in circulation in a particular region were fake products though this went down to about 40% in 2014.

Nevertheless, this implies that four in every 10 Phillips products are fake counterfeit.

That’s why this post is written to guide buyers on buying the original Philips iron.

There are three basic ways to know original Philips iron, these are:

1. Avoid cheap Philips iron

2. Take advantage of Philips’ “Buy Original” campaign.

3. Choose the best Philips iron.

Avoid Cheap Philips Irons

Although most fake Philips irons are cheap, there are some original Philips irons that are cheap too.

Our advice is to avoid cheap Philips iron altogether –whether the dry or steam iron type.

The truth is, cheap Philips irons tend to lack those high-quality soleplates peculiar to Philips. They are often less powerful and give out less steam than pricey ones. 

Though cheap iron may pass the tough test, they may not offer the most effective performance.

Take Advantage of Philips’ “Buy Original” Campaign

To tackle the issue of proliferation of counterfeit Philips iron and other products, Philips launched its “Buy Original” campaign. 

The campaign was introduced as an effective measure to help customers easily identify and verify Philips original products. 

To identify and verify the original Philips, all you need to do is look for the “Original” security holographic sticker on the iron pack.

The sticker does not only signify genuineness but also protects you with a two-year guarantee.

Aside from the sticker, there is also a unique 16-digit code validation code on the product pack.

To detect original products, all you need to do is send the 16-digit code through SMS to the number specified.

You’ll receive instant feedback on whether the iron you’ve bought or planning to buy is counterfeit or genuine.

You can use both of these product checks to easily and instantaneously identify original Philips iron.

So, next time you need a Philips iron or other Philips products, carefully look out for the “Original” security holographic sticker on the packaging of Philips iron and make sure you send the 16-digit code to verify the product.

The sticker is fitted with an anti-forgery technology, which ensures that the sticker is completely destroyed when removed. This makes it impossible to add the sticker to counterfeit products.

Choose the Best Philips Iron

To avoid counterfeit Philips iron, always patronize approved Philips distributors and retailers and go for the best Philips iron.

Here is a list of the best Philips iron to consider when you need an iron.

Note: Since all steam irons can be used as dry irons as long as there is no water in them, this list contains only the best Philips steam iron. 

Philips GC4526-87 Azur Performer Steam Iron 

This number one pick from Philips brand has both the normal and boost steam mode. It can as well be used as a dry iron.

It has a power rating of 2600W and its boost steam mode can generate about 210G of steam. 

It features a 300ml tank capacity and comes in three color options. The anti-scratch soleplate is one of the desired features about this iron.

There is a calc container that prevents the formation of calc on the soleplate. 

This self-cleaning iron is easy to clean, easy to use, and works efficiently on any fabric.

However, if you prefer to use it as a dry iron, don’t put water in it because some may drip at higher heat settings.

Philips Azur GC4890-02 Steam Iron

This iron comes with a power rating of 2600W and offers steam boost mode of 170G per minute.

It comes with an anodilium soleplate that is both highly durable and scratch resistant. 

Its pointed tip can easily dive into any fabric corner. An amazing fact about this iron is that it doesn’t drip.

Its drip-stop system ensures that water doesn’t drip even if the iron is set to a higher setting.

This iron is particularly useful for thicker fabrics and is undoubtedly a good iron.

Philips GC2086-30 Cordless Steam Iron

This iron is best suited for personal use but its power rating of 2400W means it can also handle heavy-duty operations.

This iron can also effectively remove stubborn creases and wrinkles from your clothes.

Philips GC2086-30 cordless steam iron generates steam within 6 seconds so you don’t have to wait for a long time.

The iron is fitted with a smart feedback light mechanism that let users know about the status of the iron when in use.

This iron comes with a ceramic soleplate, which is durable and scratch resistant. Its cordless mechanism also makes it unique.

Though this iron is very easy to use, the instruction leaflet is not elaborate enough.

Philips GC2045 EasySpeed Steam Iron

This iron comes with a power rating of 2300W and a modern design that makes it so unique.

It also comes with a steam-generating capacity of 35G per minute, which makes it suitable for personal use.

This iron is also ideal for thicker fabrics.

You can use the steam mode in either the horizontal or vertical way. It is also fitted with a calc cleaning slider that helps you to clean the iron within a short time.

The heavy-duty ceramic soleplate makes it easy for the iron to easily glide over any fabric. Philips GC2045 EasySpeed Steam Iron can easily heat up within two minutes and can save you lots of time.

The modern design coupled with its ease of use, easy-to-clean, and quick-heating system makes using this iron a must-have in every household.

The only downside of this iron is its short cord but this is no problem if your pressing board is closer to the main supply.

Philips GC4511-20 Azur Performer Steam Iron

This iron comes in two different colors and has a steam boost mode of 180G per minute. 

Philips GC4511-20 Azur Performer Steam Iron has a power rating of 2400W and can effectively handle heavy-duty fabrics.

More so, the vertical steaming capability makes it easy for this iron to handle any fabric. 

It has a smooth, highly durable, friction-less, and scratch-resistant gliding soleplate. This iron can be descaled within 1 minute, which enables you to clean it within less time. 

The Self-cleaning mechanism and design of this steam iron also makes it very easy to use. 

So, if you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain Philips iron, this iron is your best consideration.

Sometimes, with poor cleaning and handling, there may be quick lime-scale deposition.


While it can be very difficult to differentiate between the original Philips irons and the counterfeit ones, this article has been able to guide you on how to identify original Philips iron as well as the best Philips iron on the market.

Don’t forget to always endeavor to make purchases only from approved Philips distributors and retailers and look for the “Original” security holographic sticker.