Why My Front Load Washer Shakes Violently During Spin Cycle

If your front load washer shakes violently during the spin cycle, the problem may not be the wet items. First, check the balance of the washer.

To check for imbalance, push down on each corner of the washer.

If it wobbles, it is not balanced. If this is the case, you should replace the front load washer.

Listed below are the most common causes of the shakes during the spin cycle.

Unbalanced load

A common cause of an Unbalanced load during the spin cycle in a front-load washer is an unbalanced load. Unbalanced loads can cause the washer to jerk and bang during the spin cycle and may also damage other components.

To resolve this issue, balance the load to prevent it from happening again. Here’s how to go about doing this. Start by emptying the washer. Run the spin cycle.

Then, check for the UE error code. A message like this will indicate that your washer is unbalanced and needs professional assistance.

A sensor identifies a problem with an unbalanced load and initiates a redistribution process. The process also detects the out-of-balance load before it reaches the spin speed target.

This target spin speed is established by the user or manufacturer, and may range from 700 to 775 rpm. During a spin cycle, the machine can determine whether the load is out-of-balanced and initiate a redistribution process.

Another cause of an Unbalanced load during spin cycle is the level of the washer. If the washer is slightly off level, it will affect the clothing settlement and throw it out of balance during the spin cycle. To correct this problem, you should level the feet of the machine, or place a rug under it. It is also helpful to place rubber vibration absorbers under the machine. If you still cannot fix the problem, try to remove some of the clothes.

To solve the Unbalanced load during spin cycle of a front-load washer, check the motor. Check the hall sensor at the bottom of the stator. If the hall sensor is faulty, the washer may malfunction. Before you start this process, disconnect the washer from the power source. If the problem persists, you can try replacing the display or control board. It’s best to take the machine to a technician for repair.

Broken shock absorbers

If you notice that your front load washer has a strange vibration, the problem may be caused by a broken shock absorber. If so, it’s best to replace it. The shocks have been dependent on lubricant fluid to absorb the vibrations during the spin cycle. If they become cracked or broken, they can no longer transfer force into the fluid. There are several possible causes of broken shock absorbers, including aging, uneven feet, or impacts with the washer.

To replace a broken shock absorber, remove the drum from the washer. You should notice some resistance while removing it, so replace it as soon as possible. If you are unsure of how to replace a broken shock absorber, contact the manufacturer for recommendations. Alternatively, call the manufacturer of the washer to order replacements. It is best to buy a shock absorber from the manufacturer, because a replacement may not be available in local stores.

You may also notice a strange sound during the spin cycle. These noises can be caused by other parts of the washer, including the drain pump, machine feet, and load balance. If you don’t feel any resistance, however, you can replace the broken shock absorber yourself. However, if you aren’t comfortable working on the machine, you should contact a repair service. Once the broken shock absorber is replaced, you can resume using your front load washer.

In case you notice a broken shock absorber during the spin cycle of your front load washing machine, the shock absorber should be replaced as soon as possible. Replacing shock absorbers is not cheap outside of the warranty period. The repair cost may also exceed the manufacturer’s warranty limit. Listed below are some causes of broken shock absorbers. And don’t forget to follow your manufacturer’s instructions.

Broken suspension rods

If you’ve ever wondered why your front load washer shakes so violently during a spin cycle, it’s probably the suspension rods. Similar to a car’s suspension, these rods help cushion the internal drum during the spin cycle. However, if your front load washer keeps shaking, it may be time to replace these rods. If you’ve tried to remove the broken rods by yourself, you may not be able to do so. For this reason, you may need to get help from a friend.

The suspension rods are located inside the cabinet, usually underneath the drum. Visually inspect them for signs of damage. Replace them as soon as you notice any visible damage. Leaving a broken suspension rod in a running washer can damage other parts, or even cause total failure. This is why it’s so important to replace this part. Broken suspension rods can lead to a wide variety of problems, including damage to the washer’s motor and other parts.

There are a variety of causes for the vibration. Broken suspension rods are the most common cause of front load washer shaking during the spin cycle. However, it can also be caused by the shock absorbers and support bracket. The rods are responsible for stabilizing the tub against the washer’s base. If these springs are damaged, the washer will shake wildly during the spin cycle. When dealing with this issue, it’s important to remove the front panel and top panel of the washer. Wear protective gloves and safety glasses before proceeding with the repair.

A broken suspension rod is another potential cause of the washing machine shaking. These rods are located at the bottom of the tub behind the motor. If one or more of these rods has become weakened, the front load washer will shake more violently. Broken suspension rods may be the root of the problem, or the cause of other vibrations. To diagnose the cause of the vibration in your front load washer, contact a washer repair technician.

Broken balance ring

If the top of your front-load washer is shaking, it may be the balance ring. This ring contains liquid that counterbalances the tub while it spins. If the ring becomes damaged, the washer will shake during the spin cycle. You can check the balance ring visually by unscrewing the tub cover. A front-load washer must be disassembled to check its two balance rings.

Another common cause of front-load washer not spinning is the door latch. The door latch secures the door while signaling the door switch to begin the wash cycle. If the latch is damaged, or if you run a multimeter test and the balance ring is not in place, the door latch may be faulty. This issue requires a replacement. Contact an appliance service technician at A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service for assistance with your LG front-load washer’s spinning problem.

The damaged balance ring can also be the cause of the washing machine’s spin cycle not working properly. It may have been damaged by overloading the machine or an object getting caught on it. The resulting plastic pieces can end up in the washtub after the spin cycle. They may also stick out the interior rim. If you suspect that your washer is unbalanced, it’s time to replace the balance ring.

Alternatively, you may have a broken balance ring. When the ring breaks, the drum will tilt towards you. To replace this component, you need to remove the front load washer and remove it from the back. Once the drum is removed from the washing machine, visually check the balance ring’s pulley. Then, you need to install the new balance ring assembly piece. You’ll need to replace all the broken components.

Broken tub dampening straps

If your front load washer is shaking violently during the spin cycle, you may need to replace the damaged tub dampening straps. The straps connect the washer tub to the frame, so you can check them for damage. If you notice any of the symptoms, you should replace the straps at the same time. Broken or damaged straps should be replaced immediately. Replace all four at once if needed.

To replace these straps, first unplug your washer. Look under the washer’s cabinet for these straps.

If they’re damaged, you’ll notice a loud banging noise during spin cycle. It could also be due to a broken or damaged suspension spring.

If you’re not sure which one is the culprit, check the manual for the manufacturer’s service manual to learn more.

If the front load washer is shaking violently during spin cycle, it could be because it’s getting a very heavy load.

You can check if there’s something ricocheting around inside it or if the drive belt is worn out.

Broken tub dampening straps may also be a sign of a broken belt. Those parts are relatively easy to replace and should be DIY-friendly if you’re a skilled DIYer.


If the front load washer is shaking excessively, then it may have a faulty suspension system. This problem often stems from the tub bearing system.

This component is located between the motor shaft and the spindle. The casing of the washer may also have worn and needs replacement.

While these parts are relatively simple to replace, it’s not a practical solution if you don’t have much experience with DIY projects.