Can You Put Horse Rugs In The Washing Machine?


You can put horse rugs in the washing machine. As long as the material used is wool or synthetic fibers — you’ll be fine. Although wool is very heavy, it can be very effective in cleaning with the right type of detergent. Horses are becoming a part of our lives. … Read more

Can You Put Knit Sweaters In The Washing Machine?


Yes, you can put your knit sweaters in the washing machine. It’ll give you a clean and fresh-looking sweater. As long as the thread and color is strong, you don’t have to worry. You probably would not think that knit sweaters can’t be put into the washing machine because it … Read more

Best Washing Machine for Expensive Clothes (Top Reviews 2020)

washing machine

One of the most expensive home appliances you can buy is the washing machine. The top 4 best washing machines for expensive clothes are the: Hoover washer Pertronix washer Maytag washer Sanyo washer Each one of these machines has a unique function and different features. So the best one for … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Do Laundry At A Laundromat?

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Many people often wonder how much does it cost to do laundry at a laundromat. Here’s the answer: The average cost of washing a load of laundry and dry at a laundromat range from $2.50 – $10.00, with the national average pegged at $6.20. Ironing and folding may cost additional … Read more

Can You Put Memory Foam in The Dryer?

memory foam

The other day my husband and I were at a gathering and we were discussing how he could possibly place a memory foam mattress in the dryer. I did some research and here’s the answer. So, can you put a memory foam in a dryer? Yes, According to National Sleep … Read more

Why Does My Dryer Smell Like It’s Burning?

Last week, I wrote an article about dry cleaning prom dresses, which got a lot of attention. Today, we’ll continue on our series of “dry clean hacks” by sharing with you how why your dryer is smelling like it’s burning some. You may not even be able to figure out … Read more

How to Clean a Washing Machine That Has Been in Storage

If you have a washing machine that has been sitting for any length of time then it will probably need some cleaning. This can be a great project for some to undertake. Here are some tips on how to clean a washing machine that has been stored for some time. … Read more

Can a Washer and Dryer Be Stored Outside?


You can store your washer or dryer outside. However, make sure that all the electrical cords are protected from water, and other external elements. It’s a lot easier to drain the soapy water from your washer outside than when it’s stored indoor. The truth is that a washer and dryer … Read more

How Many Times Washing Machine Can be Used in a Day

Wondering how many times washing machines can be used in a day? Let us try to figure it out, you may not know how much electricity can cost per day but we will find out how much energy can be used. Electricity is very important since it charges your laptop, … Read more