10 Bathroom Linen Closet Ideas in 2020 (with Photos)

Having the best place to store your linen is a great idea.

That’s why we all crave for a linen closet that’s worth being featured in a home design magazine.

However, one of the main struggles of most homes is the lack of space to keep the linen closet.

Some homes have very little or no space to store cabinets or closets, and this has been a major limitation for most people. 

Even at that, you can maximize the available room in your bathroom to store your linens.

Here are 10 bathroom linen closet ideas that can help you organize your towels and other linens:

1. Use a Shelf above the Bathroom Door

Even if there is no more space left in your bathroom, there would be a space above your bathroom door.

Just as seen in the picture below, you can build a shelf on this space to store your linens.

storage space

This option is a great potential storage space for your linens. If you haven’t considered this option yet, you’re probably mismanaging the small storage space you already have in your bathroom.

So, instead of looking for a space to install your closet, simply look for a ready-to-assemble shelf for a quick installation over your bathroom.

If you can afford a wooden shelve or don’t want to add a permanent structure to your bathroom, you can consider a wire shelf. Wire shelves are also great at holding extra towels and other linens.


Simply ensure that the shelf is quite deep and not protruding too far into the bathroom.

2. Utilize an Étagère above the Toilet

Sometimes, having too many shelves in the bathroom can make your bathroom look junky, cluttered, and overstuffed. 

However, using an étagère is a bright idea, especially one with clean lines and a few deep shelves capable of holding your linens like the one in the picture below.

storage shelf

If you manage a smaller bathroom or toilet, the idea of a piece of furniture like the one in the picture below may be appropriate for you.


3. Mount a Shelf on the Wall

If you feel an étagère is too open and you prefer to conceal your linens, you can opt-in for a wall-mounted shelf or cabinet above the toilet, like the one in the picture below.

storage shelf

A wall-mounted cabinet takes up less space and usually feel visually lighter than a cabinet that sits on the floor.

4. Roll up Your Linens Instead Of Folding Them

Rolling up your linens instead of folding them will help you to fit more towels in a small space – consider the picture below.

Aside from maximizing space, rolling up your linens looks more fanciful. 

With rolled-up linens, you can pretend your bathroom is a spa. More so, rolled up linens can be easily stored in plain view, in baskets, on shelves, etc.

store blanket

5. Use Wall Baskets

You can make use of a series of baskets, mounted decoratively to the wall, as a perfect landing spot for your towels and linens irrespective of their size.

Wall baskets will look beautiful above your toilet like seen in the picture below.

wall basket storage

A wire basket is also a great idea. You can mount it on the wall beside the sink to hold toiletries, towels, and other toilet/bathroom supplies. But make sure to keep it within easy reach.


6. Mount a Corner Shelf

Another nice idea is a corner shelf. This shelf can work in even the smallest of space.

You can easily mount corner shelves next to the sink or a bit higher to provide storage for your linens.

corner shelf

7. Mount A Towel Bar

In case there is no space above your bathroom door to place your linen closet, you can use the back of your bathroom door as the storage.

Simply mount a towel bar onto the back of your bathroom door. 

towel bar

If you have multiple linens, then consider mounting multiple towel bars. Mind you, you can only hang your linen with this idea as it doesn’t support folding or rolling.

Follow this link to learn how to mount a towel bar.

8. Mount a Storage Basket behind the Bathroom Door

If you don’t like the idea of the towel bar but want the kind of storage that allows folding or rolling of your linens, then you can mount a storage basket behind your bathroom door like the one in the picture below.

storage basket

You would be surprised by how much linens this option can hold.

9. Always Fold Linens So That Their Edges Face the Back

Whenever you fold your linens and lay them on the linen shelf or closet, always place them with the edges facing the back.

This gives your linen an orderly look. 

fold linens

More so, you wouldn’t be seeing a whole lot of messy edges and folds when you open your closet door. Click here to learn how to properly fold your linens.

10. Roll Up Your Linens Only When Your Storage Space Can Contain Them

Rolling is a great way to organize your towels and linens. 

In fact, it’s space-saving to store your towels. However, if you have to roll your linens, make sure your linen shelf is deep enough to accommodate them like the picture below.

roll linens

It’s not recommended to store rolled linens in shallow shelves.

Here are some other considerations for your bathroom linen closet.

Pro tip #1: Leverage well-ventilated linen closets

When kept in an enclosed or air-tight closet, linens may get musty.

Therefore, keeping your linens in a closet with proper air circulation can prevent humidity and stagnation. 

wall ventilated storage

More so, a well-ventilated closet would go a long way to encourage airflow.

Pro tip #2: Get rid of your non-essential linens

You need to be honest with yourself. Not all your linens are useful to you.

Look at all your linens and consider how often you actually use each of them.

You may be surprised that you don’t use up to half of the linens you load up in your room.

Instead of finding a place to store linens you no longer use (or use infrequently), you can get rid of it by donating it or selling it on eBay.

Storing and organizing your linens is much easier when you have fewer linens to store.

Pro tip #3: Add a folding board

If possible, especially if you’re building your linen closet from scratch, try to add a built-in folding board. An example is seen in the picture below.

folding board storage

Pro tip #4: Use a liner on your linen closet shelves

Finally, always use a liner on your linen closet shelves.

This is a simple preventative measure and it goes a very long way in preventing your linens from permanent damages and maintaining their quality.

Some melamine and wooden shelves can cause your linen to discolor or fade over time. 

But you can avoid this by simply covering your shelves with a liner. There are lots of liner designs you can choose from – the options are endless.

Take home tips

Although having a bathroom linen closet is a luxury, there is no problem if you don’t have a dedicated closet or shelf for your linens. 

There are lots of other ways to store and organize your linens. Some of them have been discussed above.

Bathroom linen closet ideas like wall-mount cabinets, carts, wall baskets, corner shelves, bars, etc. are cool ideas.

Sometimes bins and hooks can also do the trick.

An amazing thing about the ideas above is that they can also be used to organize toiletries and smaller linens like pillowcases and facecloths artfully and neatly.