Moving Laundry Room From Basement from Main Floor

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How to Protect Wood Floors in Laundry Room

Your choice of hardwood flooring is usually dependent on what you need it for. With a good, solid slab of wood in your laundry room, you’re most likely not going to need any other type of flooring, although if you’re doing really hot cooking or high humidity laundry you might … Read more

Flooring for Laundry Room with Floor Drain

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How to Hang Cabinets to Drywall

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Why Do Laundry Rooms Have Sinks?

If you were to ask a person why do laundry rooms have sinks, most people would not have an answer. We all know the answer to that question, but it isn’t as simple as that. In the past, basements and garages were just for storage, and not a place where … Read more