Can You Wash A Signed Jersey? (What You Should Do)

signed jersey

How to wash a jersey is the question that some people ask. You might have the best looking jersey in the world but if it’s in a terrible state, then you will not enjoy watching your favorite team play. So how do you get your signed jersey clean and looking great? Wash a signed Jersey […]

How Often Should You Change Your Shower Mat?

loofah mat

While most people think that it’s necessary to change your shower mat every 6 months or so, this is not necessarily the case. While it’s important that you have a clean, comfortable mat for use on the floor, it’s also important that you do not change the mat more than twice a year. The reason […]

How to Clean A Loofah Shower Mat (A Simple Guide)

shower mat

I use my Loofah Shower mats all the time. So I’m quite sure there are enough dirt in there. So how do I keep mine clean, and what steps can you take to clean yours? Note: These cleaning methods apply to any type of shower mats: Loofah, Cotton, Microfiber, Rubber, Polyester, Memory foam, or even […]

Can You Wash Cashmere By Hand? (Read This First)


In this article, you’ll discover whether or not it’s advisable to wash cashmere by hand. When you think of a cashmere sweater, what do you picture? A warm and inviting blanket on a chilly morning? A comfortable sweater for the cooler months of the year? How do you keep it clean all the time? You […]

Can You Machine Wash A Baseball Cap? (Read This First)

machine wash

Baseball caps shouldn’t be taken for granted. They need to be washed thoroughly in order to remove dirt and keep it clean at all times. However, how you wash it matters. You can machine wash a baseball cap. Use a mild detergent and soft water with basic modes so that you’ll not damage the material. […]

10 Best Water Softeners for Small Spaces


In this article, we’ll examine the best water softeners for small spaces. Water can either be hard or soft. Water becomes hard if it contains a large amount (≥ 60 mg) of dissolved calcium and magnesium, as well as other mineral compounds. Sometimes, this amount can be as high as 180 mg. Generally, your water […]